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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Downtown Parade of Lights

We went to the Downtown Parade of Lights in Tucson last night (my son was in the parade...). Near the end of the parade were several old fire engines (including the Squad 51 paramedic truck from the TV show Emergency!). This one parked in front of me to wait for the vehicles in front to move along and just after I started this exposure it started moving. This image was taken with the 24mm lens on my Canon 20D. The exposure was 5 seconds at f/8, ISO 100. Posted by Picasa


Shayan said...

Awesome capture! Good timing. Usually when I see long exposure shots with lights, they are blurred linearly from the side. This is truly unique.

Jim said...

Thanks! I have some of those long linear side-to-side trailing light shots too. I was lucky that a couple of the firetrucks did S-turns right in front of me as they went down the street. And this one stopped mid-S-turn just up the street, so lucky again.