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Monday, January 09, 2006

Spacewatch 1.8-m B&W

This image is of the Spacewatch 1.8-meter telescope taken from next to the Spacewatch 36 inch dome (a frequent subject of my night-time images). This image was taken with my 70-300mm zoom at 70mm focal length. The exposure was 1/640 seconds at f/8, ISO 400. I used a red filter affect in Picasa to convert to B&W in order to increase the contrast in the sky. Posted by Picasa


Sladed said...

Jim - Thanks for commenting on my blog. You create some amazing and beautiful pictures and I plan to return frequently to see what you've posted. I went to UofA for 2 years, from '74-'76, after living my entire life in southern California. I loved the school and especially the natural beauty of the area so close to campus. My appreciation of Arizona has only grown.
My wife taught me to appreciate baseball and she has been a Padres fan since 1969. Interesting comments about Randy Johnson and Mark McGwire. I agree with your terminolgy for the Yankees:the Evil Empire - the NY Yankees! Although we Padres fans don't have a great deal of hostility towards your Diamondbacks, we were more than a little upset when you guys got Steve Finley from us before your World Series run. "Stevie" was my wife's favorite player at the time and she was crushed. She STILL refers to him as "my Stevie"!

This may be a long shot and random you know John Moustakas? I think he went to U of A or something and did something related to astronomy. It seems like he did some observation time at Kitt Peak. Anyway, no biggie, I just happen to work with his mom.

Keep those photos coming!
Bear Down!

Jim said...

The Campus has changed a lot since 1976. I arrived as a freshman in 1978. It's really grown in size both in number of buildings and students. You'd recognized Old Main, but after that.... The Student Union has even been rebuilt.

If it weren't for the D'Backs and Mets, the Padres would probably be one of the next two or 3 teams I'd root for. I always loved to watch Tony Gwynn play ball. Fins really played well while in Arizona and certainly is one of the reasons we won the World Series in 2001. I enjoyed watching him play ball - especially in Center Field at Bank One Ballpark. I think he'll be a great coach one day.

I don't recognize John Moustakas.