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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Redtailed Hawk

I was walking back from lunch when I saw this hawk swoop out of the sky and into an olive tree, chasing out a flock of pigeons (the trailing pigeon with the hawk literally on its tail looked like it was sweating as it fluttered too and fro trying to get away!). I ran into my office and grabbed my camera and came back out, not really expecting to see the hawk still in the araea, but here he was, on top of a lamp in front of the Flandrau Planetarium. He was looking around (for more pigeons?) but didn't seem to care that I was working my way closer to him until I was on the sidewalk right in front of the lamp. This image was taken with my 70-300mm zoom at 300mm focal length with an exposure of 1/400 seconds at f/8, ISO 200. This was cropped tight around the bird in Picasa. Posted by Picasa

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