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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cat Mountain

This is the view from a Geocache I placed in Tucson Mountain Park west of town called "Starr Pass II" - a replacement for my original geocache called "Starr Pass". The view is of Cat Mountain roughly WSW of the cache looking across Tucson Mountain Park. This little oasis of desert is being threatened from 3 sides by development but despite that contains an amazing variety of plant and animal life - an amazing area to spend a few hours hiking through. I've seeen Gila Monsters and Deer in the area and have heard reports of javelina and a fox as well! BTW, you can just make out part of Kitt Peak through the pass to the right of Cat Mountain - perhaps I'll post a telephoto shot that covers that area and shows the 4-meter telescope dome. This image was taken with my 24mm lens with an exposure of 1/250 seconds at f/11, ISO 200. Posted by Picasa

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