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Friday, March 16, 2007

Blue Angel 5

Ok, so perhaps you thought we were done for the time being with planes. Well, I thought so too until we were treated to a mini airshow over the UofA campus yesterday when the Navy's Blue Angels flew their FA-18s into town for this weekends airshow at Davis Monthan (I can't go, since I'm observing for the next week....). Blue Angel 5 makes a high-G turn overhead in this image. Most of my other pictures of the team only show the bottoms of their jets, so this is probably the only one I'll post, though the shot of a formation of 4 of them is tempting.... Murphy was working against me yesterday as I was with some friends near the Student Union when the team first appeared with a huge roar overhead. We watched for a few minutes before I rushed back to my office to get my camera during which they made multiple excellent close and low passes. Once I had the camera out, they only flew by in the distance until I was ready to head back inside.... Luckily I was treated to a couple low passes finally. This image was taken at 300mm focal length with an exposure of 1/1250 seconds at f/8, ISO 400.
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