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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The last shot from the first shutter...

My 20D was rated at 60,000 shutter cycles according to the manufacturer. This is the final shot I took before my 20D's shutter failed last Thursday evening after cycling probably between 60,000 and 61,000 times since I got the camera almost exactly 2 years earlier. I was preparing to mount the camera for the night on our 36 inch telescope and was taking documentary pictures of my arrangement, showing the tripod head mounted on the end of the telescope with a 3/8" screw and also how I had run the extension cord and attached the a/c adaptor to the telescope for the night. I was going to use my new 50mm f/1.8 lens to get some tracked images of the sky where ever the telescope pointed for surveying the sky. Plans were foiled when the shutter failed. For any 20D owners, the symptoms of the failure were that I heard the mirror open and close repeatedly as it tried to take a picture and then an Err 99 would appear. I tried different lenses and batteries and even the a/c adaptor with no change of symptoms. Finally, I used the sensor clean function and with the mirror up, I could clearly see the shutter closed - normal sensor clean would open the shutter to make the sensor available for cleaning. The camera was sent off to Canon for repair on Monday after making arrangements on Thursday night already with Canon for the repar. My shutter trigger finger is already twitching with camera withdrawal symptoms. Time to dig out my old A75, I guess..... This image was taken at 21mm focal length with an exposure of 1/60 seconds at f/4, ISO 800 with a little fill flash.
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