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Monday, March 10, 2008

Mt. Wrightson and Mt. Hopkins

With the air so clear last week, I also got this shot of Mount Wrightson and Mount Hopkins in the Santa Rita mountains south of Tucson. On top of Mt. Hopkins at right, you can even see the white building of the MMT observatory. In between the two peaks is Josephine Peak. Somehow, Josephine rated both a peak and a saddle, as Josephine Saddle is the saddle between the eastern complex which Mt. Wrightson is the tallest point on and the western complex which Mt. Hopkins is the tallest point of. Josephine Saddle is one our favorite areas to camp after about a 4 mile hike from the trailhead down in Madera Canyon. This image is cropped from a frame taken at 300mm focal length with an exposure of 1/400 seconds at f/8, ISO 100.
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Hey, you let the secret out on our fav camp site! :-)

By the way, looks like you need to do a sensor cleaning! You do know how to do that right? :-)