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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Stereo camera rig in stereo

Here's a stereo picture of my stereo camera rig - my twin Canon A570is cameras running the SDM version of CHDK. This picture was taken the old fashioned way - by manually moving my canon 20D to the right for a 2nd shot. I used StereoPhotoMaker to assemble the anaglyph. Click on the title of this entry to visit the StereoPhotoViewer applet version of this image.
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Tuguldur said...

that is stereo! :D

David A. Harvey said...

Very cool Jim - my question is - how carefully do you have to align the cameras to get the proper effect?

Jim said...

StereoPhotoMaker is quite tolerant of alignment errors and is able to correct both rotation and horizontal and vertical shifts, so even handheld 3D isn't hard. In fact, my cameras have a verticle offset that follows the camera on the mounting bar that amounts to around 50 pixels! I haven't measured the horizontal offset since that isn't as critical since you'd probably toe the cameras in a little for closer targets anyway.