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Thursday, January 08, 2009

That bright ol' Moon

The last night of my 8 night run and it's bright enough to read a paper up here on Kitt Peak tonight, so I took advantage of the Moon to take its picture through an 1880s vintage 5 inch Alvin Clark refractor that rides on the side of the ol' 36 inch. It is the oldest telescope on Kitt Peak mounted on the side of the 2nd oldest telescope on the mountain top. This image used eyepiece projection with no lens on my camera and hence, a little aberation on the lower right edge of the Moon. The exposure of 1/100 seconds at ISO 400. The area around bright rayed crater Tycho seems to have the best focus and Aristarchus almost looks like a headlight near the terminator at right. North is at bottom right, west at bottom left. I literally hand held the camera behind the eyepiece for this shot.
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Tuguldur said...

nice shot!

is that scope achromatic regular doublet or something more complex?