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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Surveying the fire damage

Descending on the Super trail that wraps around the south side of Mt. Wrightson, we hiked through a huge area burned during the Florida Fire in 2005. It was hard to imagine how pretty this area was just 4 years ago. This image was taken with my 10mm fisheye with an exposure of 1/100 seconds at f/11, ISO 200.
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Steve said...

I know....with each year, the memories of the past become clouded. I remember thinking as I walked down at this place on the trail how devastating a fire would be...and that was just 4 wks before it was gone.. See the baby trees, though, and have hope for hikers a hundred and two years from now. For they will see a green forest, and a few old rotted logs or snags, and wonder when the fire was that burned them.