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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dutch Air Force Flyover for Tom Gehrels

The Dutch Air Force kicked off the memorial for Tom Gehrels yesterday (Sept. 16) at LPL by flying over the UofA campus to honor his service in the Dutch resistance during WWII.  Here, the crowd watches the F-16 jets as they overhead (visible in the upper left).

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David A. Harvey said...

Nice - for what was actually visible. The jets were 1. Way too high. 2. Never performed the "missing man formation". 3. Appeared to have a near collision after they passed the mall. Witnessing this - I don't think much of these Dutch pilots. BTW - got your post on my blog - accidentally deleted it trying to approve the post. To answer your question - yes added a 200mm shot to the wide angle frame. Jets were therefore about 4X actual size.