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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tunnel Arch and Pine Tree Arch

Tunnel Arch is along a side trail off the main Devils Garden trail at the end of the main road into Arches National Park.  I'm not sure which of these two arches is Tunnel Arch - they both go through though the one of the left is smaller and has a ceiling opening into the rock above it, so I suspect it is the larger one on the right.  This image was taken with my 24mm lens with an exposure of 1/50 seconds at f/5, ISO 100.
Pine Tree Arch was the last one we visited on this hike into the Devils Garden trail area and is not too far beyond Tunnel Arch on the side trail off the Devils Garden trail.  You can even see it from the crest of the trail before it drops into the valley below.  If you look closely at the rock at the top of the opening in the arch, you can see lots of cracks that makes me think that only the slight "V" shape of the area and that the crack on the right doesn't go all the way through to the other side of the fin the arch is in is the only thing keeping these blocks of rock from falling and enlargening the arch.  I ran through the window in the arch quickly to minimize the probability that I would be under the block when it eventually falls....  This image was taken with my 10mm fisheye lens with an exposure of 1/80 seconds at f/2.8, ISO 100.


David Allen Harvey said...

Nice Jim - looks like you are making the rounds in northern AZ and surrounding environs! Happy vacationing. BTW - I want to see some night sky photography from up there damnit! ;-)

Jim said...

Actually, we made it up to Yellowstone. We're back in town now having been on the road from Monday last week to Sunday night. Too busy sleeping or driving at night to do any night sky stuff.