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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Red Tailed Hawk at Sweetwater

This Red Tailed Hawk greeted me almost as soon as I got onto the trail at the Sweetwater Wetlands. He flew in and landed on this tree branch where he sat for almost 5 minutes while I took some photos of him.  This image is cropped from the original which was taken with my 75-300mm lens at 300mm focal length on my Canon EOS 70D with an exposure of 1/8000 seconds at f/13, ISO 3200.

I was hoping the Hawk would fly off and happily, he did and I was able to snap a couple shots of him as he flew away.  This shot shows him just having jumped from the branch.  The 2nd image has him with his wings spread, but he's moved closer to the camera and is not well focused.  This image was cropped from the original taken at 300mm focal length with an exposure of 1/8000 at f/13, ISO 3200.

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