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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tonights Moon

I set up my Celestron 8 inch EdgeHD today on the off chance I might be able to see the Falcon 9 Jason 3 launch from Vandenberg this morning.  I didn't (except for the live feed on the web) but I did test out my 0.7x focal reducer on the Sun (with solar filter) and then after the Moon rose a bit later, I slewed over to take a look at it.  The first photo below is from about sunset while the 2nd one was taken earlier in the afternoon with the image in bright blue daylight.

This image was taken with an 8 inch f/10 EdgeHD telescope with my Canon 70D with an exposure of 1/200 seconds at ISO 400.  I applied an unsharp mask to sharpen the image a bit. 
This image was taken earlier in the day in bright blue skies with the same setup and an exposure of 1/1600 seconds at ISO 400 with similar use of an unsharp mask.  Seeing was less steady.

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