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Friday, November 04, 2005

White Winged Dove

I could swear I posted the B&W version of this image on my blog, but I ran all the way through it and couldn't find it, so here's a picture to get you humming the Stevie Nicks song "Edge of Seventeen" with Stevie singing "Just like the white winged dove...". Well, if you don't like that song, sorry. I hope you like my picture. This image was taken on June 18 this year when I went out on a hike in the Tucson Mountain Park near Cat Mountain with my Dad. I took over 300 digital pictures with my new Canon 20D that day while my Dad shooting film (I sorta remember film...) shot 21 pictures. I think I shot more pictures of him taking pictures than he took pictures that day (BTW, 3 of those 21 pictures I took of him... :-) ). This White Winged Dove was tending its nest as we walked outbound on the trail and stopped to take some pictures and about an hour or two later, she was still there, so we stopped to take more pictures. This image was with my 70-300mm zoom set to 300mm focal length. The exposure was 1/500 seconds at f/8, ISO 200.

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