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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


On the flight from Orlando to Tucson (yes, we're finally leaving Florida!), we went through the airport at Dallas-Ft. Worth (but happily, I didn't have to change planes!). This is the view of downtown Dallas from several thousand feet. If one is familiar with the most notorious event to happen in Dallas, you'll be able to find Dealey Plaza and the Texas Schoolbook Depository as well as the grassy knoll. President John F. Kennedy was assasinated as his motorcade drove through this area on November 22, 1963. This image was taken with the kit lens on my 20D at 55mm focal length with an exposure of 1/400 seconds at f/8, ISO 200. The original was washed out and required some adjustment and probably could use a little more, particularly to minimize the blue tint to the shadows - a project for another day. Posted by Picasa

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