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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Looking every bit like the Loch Ness monster, this Manatee surfaces briefly in aptly named Manatee Cove just off the Banana River on Merritt Island. It was hard to get a good picture as they tended to surface only slightly and usually far off in the distance. You'd catch a glimpse of a fin or splash of water only. And it was close to sunset with the best vantage points looking into the setting sun. The cove was teaming with life with birds overhead, fish and crabs in the water, snakes along the waters edge and plenty of other assorted critters and plants. This image was taken with my 70-300mm zoom at 300mm focal length with an exposure of 1/640 seconds at f/9, ISO 800. Posted by Picasa


Richard said...

You know those ancient sailors were pretty hard up when you see how mermaids are depicted and then compare them to the real thing!

Jim said...

If you think these "mermaids" are bad, you should have seen the Manatees minor league baseball team.... :-)