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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

17P/Holmes in Perseus

Anyone familiar with the constellation Perseus will notice an interloper in this image taken on Wednesday night from my front yard. Even with a nearly full moon nearby, comet 17P/Holmes is an easy naked eye object as it burst in brightness by about 14 magnitudes over its recent brightness estimates of just a few days ago! In this image, Perseus is near center with Cassiopiea in the upper left corner of the image. The brightest star in Perseus - Alpha Perseus - is near the center. The comet is immediately below it making a sideways right triangle with the star just below and right of Alpha Perseus. To help find the comet in my image and in the sky, here is a Sky & Telescope website with that information. This image was taken at 24mm focal length with an exposure of 30 seconds at f/4, ISO 400.
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Anonymous said...

nice pic ! And I was really enjoying your site.

Tuguldur said...

a nice wide view! You got a comet, and plus dozens of tiny star clusters up there. The perseus double /NGC884, 869/ looks very obvious! :)
Also I can see a big black dust spot just below the comet! Gotta clean your censor haha! :D

BTW I had just sent you an email! :)

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Anonymous said...
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