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Monday, October 08, 2007

VATT control room

My friend Dave looks over one of the consoles in the VATT control room. The room is on the 2nd floor above the main living area and adjacent to some work areas. Every area of the building had some sort of equipment related to running the telescope, whether it was computers that run the drive motors or compressors feeding air into the many systems. The VATT control room is one of the more comfortable control rooms I've seen at a telescope. Our control rooms at both Spacewatch telescopes, for example, do not have any carpeting (we are concerned about the static discharges that may come from that as much of our equipment that runs the telescope is in or adjacent to the control rooms, for example). This image was taken with an 8mm fisheye lens with an exposure of 1/13 seconds at f/3.5, ISO 800.
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David A. Harvey said...

Hey - what did I tell you!?! No pictures of "The Master" at work! :-) I'm back up here at this $#@$&! telescope again - did I ever tell you I HATE telescopes?

Jim said...

I suppose I could pixelate you.... :-)