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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I get a charge out of thunderstorms

...but hopefully not too much charge. I took this self portrait moments before realizing that the hair on my head and arms was standing on end. I was standing on the top of our Spacewatch 36 inch dome watching and photographing the storm some 30 miles to the southeast. You won't see someone move much faster than I did (even in the sprints at the Olympics in the coming days!) to get off the top of the dome once I realized the charge had built up so much. This shot was taken with my A570is at arms length with the many domes on the mountain in the background as well as the dark clouds of the approaching storm.
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David A. Harvey said...

Things we do to get the shot. Glad you survived this one!


Tuugii said...

looks like you're still alive! :)

awesome shot