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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Water #7

The parabolic sheet is starting to regain its shape all around now. This image was taken at190mm focal length with an exposure of 1/6400 seconds at f/8, ISO 1600.
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David A. Harvey said...

Interesting shots Jim. Just wondering about your chioce of settings though. Why ISO 1600 and F/8? A lower ISO and aperture setting would have given you a narrower depth of field (I find the background distracting) and lower noise level while keeping the desired high shutter speed. Clue me in on your thought process . . . :-)

Jim said...

I used f/8 in order to get the lens off the floor and into its sweet spot (if it really has one....) and also I wanted a little depth of field since I was originally looking not just at the central part of the fountain but also the other parts and I wanted that all in focus. I thought that f/8 would still keep the background soft too. I wasn't too worried about the background. I also thought the background was busy enough to keep the noise from being too distracting, and I think that actually worked surprisingly well. I wanted a fast shutter speed to stop the water but in hindsight I might have gone a bit slower, maybe up to 1/1000 and mabye get back down to ISO 400 or so. I didn't spend much time thinking about that as I zeroed in on the interesting shot, though.