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Friday, December 12, 2008

Self portrait, part I

Here's a self portrait I took one morning last week standing next to the 36 inch telescope. The image was made at 18mm focal length with an exposure of 1/2 second at f/8, ISO 400 with fill flash. The image is cropped to about 40% of the original frame.
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Tuguldur said...

nice one!

but why you always stand next to this rig when it comes to selfportrait? :D... next to a CCD, next to the monitor displaying an asteroid image would also be interesting.

Jim said...

Obviously you haven't seen or have forgotten this one:


Tuguldur said...

no, I remembered that one. that is the reason I am saying next to the monitor is way cooler.... :D

I also remember you have another one not staring to the monitor.

Jim said...

Wait 'til you see the next one.