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Monday, July 13, 2015

Colorful sunset

Here are two views of last nights sunset from our backyard, both taken with my Galaxy Note 4's camera with different white balances.  The shadows on the upper clouds caught my attention first and you can see them change over the 5 minutes or so between the two shots.  You can also see virga from the clouds below.  I am almost spoiled by the extra processing that my cell phone camera can do even before the images are stored compared to what I might need to do after the shot with my "real camera".  According to the image information, the exposures were f/2.2, 1/121 seconds, 4.8mm focal length and ISO 40 for the first image and f/2.2, 1/30 seconds, 4.8mm focal length and ISO 64 for the 2nd exposure.  I think the first was in auto white balance and both used HDR mode for the exposure.

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Frank Taylor said...

My DSLR use has dropped precipitously since finding out how amazing my Galaxy S4 camera shots look. The DSLR only comes out if I need to do long-distance zooms, 360 panoramas, or low-light. I especially enjoy using the panoramic modes on the phone and how fast it stitches them together. But, with large panoramas the lack of stitching control steers me back to the DSLR.