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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Desert rainstorm

It had been almost 5 months since this desert saw any significant rainfall. This backlit storm rains much needed moisture onto the extra dry desert floor. This image was taken with my 70-300mm zoom at 70mm focal length. The exposure was 1/1000 seconds at f/5.6, ISO 200. Posted by Picasa


Wolverine said...

Nice shot. I haven't seen a desert storm or cloudburst in person for quite some time.

(We're in dire need of rain here as well.)

Jim said...

Thanks. I actually missed the best part of the storm - I ran out to take pix but only with my 24mm lens before I saw the cloudburst. My jaw dropped when I saw the cloudburst and after snapping off a couple shots, I ran back to the dome to get my telephoto. By the time I got back, the cloudburst had spread and diminished a little.... Drats.

Richard said...

Timing is everything! Nice shot and I love it when I'm at the bottom of the clouds like tis, either in the mountains or when flying.