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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mercury Redstone

This Mercury Redstone stands at the Air Force Museum at Cape Canaveral Florida at the site of the first two United States manned spaceflight launches. Alan Shepard launched on the first flight, MR-3 and Gus Grissom launched on MR-4, a duplication of Shepards suborbital flight (see yesterdays entry for an image of Gus's Liberty Bell 7 Mercury spacecraft). The blockhouse for this launchpad is visible behind the rocket. We're finally on day two of my visit to Kennedy Space Center on a tour of the launch pads at Cape Canaveral. This image was taken with the kit lens at 18mm focal length on my 20D with an exposure of 1/320 seconds at f/11, ISO 100. Posted by Picasa

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Martha said...

Wow ! I really wish I could see it with my own eyes...