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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Meteorite in 3D

I've been putting together a 3D camera setup, buying 2 Canon A570IS point and shoot cameras and making myself a camera mount for the pair. I'm using the CHDK firmware hack to augment the cameras out of the box capabilities, using the Stereo Data Maker version that has some 3D specific functions. One thing left is to make a USB shutter button setup to trigger the two cameras simultaneously. I tripped the two cameras manually within a fraction of a second of each other for this 3D anaglyph which I created with Stereo Picture Maker. Get our your red-cyan anaglyph glasses to see the 3D in this image. The exposures were identical in both cameras with the focal length 5.8mm (35mm in 35mm equivalent f.l.) with an exposure of 1/200 seconds at f/8, ISO 80.
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Frank Taylor said...

Nice 3D effect Jim!

Tuugii said...

there you go! :D