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Friday, April 25, 2008

New ride in 3D

Get your anaglyph glasses out to view this 3D image of my new Fuji Sagres bike (well, it's new to me - it was built in 1986). This was taken with my new stereo camera rig of 2 matched Canon A570is cameras running the SDM (StereoDataMaker) version of CHDK (Canon Hack Developement Kit). The cameras are mounted on an aluminum base with holes drilled at fixed intervals - I used 130mm separation for this shot. They are triggered with a homebuilt USB switch hooked to both cameras that the SDM software running in the cameras recognizes to initiate simultaneous exposures in both cameras. I'm putting together a stereo webpage that runs java software created by StereoPhotoMaker - a freeware program that I highly recommend that will allow you to interact with the stereo image as you like rather than as I would otherwise force you to. If you prefer to parallel or cross-eye free view rather than use anaglyph glasses, you can control the interface there to do that.
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