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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mt. Graham at work

Here's a view from Saturday night with both the SMT in the foreground and the LBT in the background at work on a moonlit spring night. The constellation of Bootes lies on its side as it rises behind the two telescopes. The LBT doesn't look as big as it is from this vantage point - but when one stands beside the behemouth, or looks at the telescope itself from inside the building, one gets the right impression of just how big this telescope really is with 2 - 8 meter diameter mirrors working in tandem. The Gregorian secondaries are about the size of the telescopes I am used to using! This image was taken at 18mm focal length with an exposure of 60 seconds at f/3.5, ISO 400.
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David A. Harvey said...

NICE! really cool shots of the LBT and SMT scopes Jim. Correction though - the LBT has 2 - 8 meter mirrors not 2 - 10 meter mirrors.

Jim said...

Thanks Dave - I couldn't remember, 2 - 8 meter mirrors or 2 - 10 meter mirrors. It's just amazing they could get something that large up that road!