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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lewis Falls

 As we  drove south through Yellowstone National Park, heading for the south entrance, we passed Lewis Lake and then crossed a bridge and saw this waterfall which we weren't expecting, so we pulled into the pullout and I grabbed my camera gear.  It was close to sunset, so exposures were going to be long, so I decided to bracket shots and maybe combine them later with and HDR program.  Using my 24mm lens, I took shots +/- 1 stop around 6 seconds at f/22, ISO 100.  I used ExpoBlending under Linux to do the combine

This is the middle image of the three used in the above HDR combine.  The improvements are not all that obvious in this case, but the next image did well with the HDR combine.

From the same location, I switched to my 10mm fisheye and took three exposures with a 1 stop bracket centered at 1/6 second at f/2.8, ISO 100.

I set up at the north end of the bridge over Lewis River and took an HDR set of exposures with my 75-300mm lens at 90mm focal length, bracketed by 1 stop centered on 5 seconds at f/11, ISO 400.

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