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Friday, August 31, 2012

Lewis River and the Moon in twilight

This HDR combine was shot while I waited for some visitors who hopped out of their car and put themselves right in the middle of the frame for the photos of Lewis Falls from the north end of the bridge here.  I knew the contrast between the darkened scenery and the bright twilight sky and Moon would be tough to catch in a single exposure, so I took 3 images bracketed by 1 stop around 1 second at f/4, ISO 100 with my fisheye lens.

This HDR combine really paid off compared with the original bracketing exposures.  I used 4 exposures in this case thanks to mis-setting my first attempt here - now I wish my old Canon 20D could take 5 bracketed images automatically.  The central exposure in the bracket was 2 seconds at f/8, ISO 400 with my 24mm lens.

Here is one of the original frames that went into the above HDR combine with the central exposure.

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