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Thursday, July 24, 2014


During our 10 nights of vacation, we camped out  5 nights and stayed in hotels the other 5 nights, mixing in some refreshing showers and even a jacuzzi one night.

Our first campsite on Wednesday night was near Sisters Oregon at the Indian Ford campground.  The campground had a smelly outhouse and was not very heavily populated - not bad for a first night out in the woods and 2nd night of our vacation.

Our third vacation day and second campground was spent in the caldera of a potentially active volcano on Newberry Volcano.  This volcano is the largest in Oregon and shows significant signs of continued activity and recent activity including active hotsprings in the lakes inside the caldera and relatively young lava flows and nearby lava fields and cinder cones.  The Newberry Volcano suffered a lake Mazama (Crater Lake) event about 80,000 years ago that was larger than the event that formed Crater Lake!  This view of Paulina Lake was taken near the Paulina Lake campground that we stayed in.  Only trouble: the mosquitoes were awful.

Another view of the lake.

We visited the top of this mountain on the rim of the Newberry Caldera.

Gotta include a shot of the campsite in the morning before we'd finished packing.

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