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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Three Sisters volcanoes

Our Oregon vacation had a couple of major goals.  First on the list was volcanoes, especially Crater Lake, and I had planned from day one to drive past the Three Sisters volcanoes on the way from Portland to Crater Lake with a camping night near the town of Sisters. The Three Sisters are prominent in central Oregon and we saw them for the first time even before we landed in Portland (See my first vacation blog post: ).

Heading from the little town of Sisters to Bend, we found a great view across this clearing of the Three Sisters.  From the right is the North Sister, the Middle Sister and the South Sister and then Broken Top.  This image was taken with my Canon 70D with my 18-250mm Sigma lens at 18mm focal length and an exposure of 1/1000 seconds at f/11, ISO 400.

I took a pan with my lens at 73mm focal length and here is the panorama assembled from the middle set of images.  The exposure was the same as the first frame above.  The panorama was assembled with the Hugin Panorama Creator and then adjusted a little with the GIMP.

A closer shot of the Three Sisters with my lens zoomed to 43mm focal length and an exposure of 1/1000 seconds at f/11, ISO 400.

Later in the day, we stopped at Lava Butte south of Bend and found this view of the Three Sisters behind Broken Top from the loop trail around the crater at the summit of that cinder cone.  The South Sister is on the left with the Middle Sister behind Broken top right of Center and the South Sister near the right edge of the frame.  My 18-250mm lens was set to 87mm focal length and the exposure was 1/800 seconds at f/11, ISO 400.

During our flight home, we flew just east of the Three Sisters and were rewarded with this view of them, roughly from the northeast with my favorite traveling lens, the 18-250mm Sigma set to 37mm focal length with an exposure of 1/500 seconds at f/9, ISO 400.

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