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Monday, December 09, 2013

ISS from Kitt Peak tonight

 The ISS flew over Southern Arizona tonight.  I set up my new Canon 70D next to our 36 inch telescope and took some images with my 10mm fisheye lens.  This one was exposed for 30 seconds at f/8, ISO 400 and shows the ISS trailed below the quarter phase moon with lots of clouds blowing by overhead.  Our Spacewatch 1.8-m dome is at the bottom of the frame just left of center along with the Kitt Peak 36 inch to its right on the horizon and the WIYN telescope just right of that.  The edge of our Spacewatch 36 inch telescope building is at the top right corner, heavily distorted by the fisheye lens.

This image shows the ISS setting over the lights of Tucson.  Taken with my 10mm fisheye on my 70D, the 4-m Mayall telescope dome is heavily distorted at the left edge of the frame.  The exposure for this image was 30 seconds at f/8, ISO 400.

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