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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wildlife on the Golf Course

While out golfing at Del Urich golf course at Randolph Park yesterday, we got to see this Coyote enjoying his own quest for birdies.  These images were taken with my Canon SX260.

The coyote headed down an embankment next to the 17th hole, towards a like that fronts the 17th green.

 I thought he was after the ducks, but it looks like he was just thirsty as he stops here for some water.

As we finished playing the 17th and were about to head to the 18th tee, I found the Coyote relaxing in the sunshine on an adjacent tee box.  He appears to be watching the rest of my foursome as they left the green off to the right.

Earlier in the round, this was the closest thing I had to a birdie on the course.
This hawk stood there looking around for a few moments - long enough for me to get my SX260 out and take his picture.  I did come closer to a birdie during my round, missing a 20 foot birdie putt by about 18 inches on the 2nd hole.

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